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Agreement signed to publish Ascendia

SBG Editions are thrilled to have signed an agreement to publish ‘Ascendia – Seasons of Thargos’, originally the core mechanics were a brainchild of Philipp Kiel from Germany. Indeed, we started working closely together on this exciting game which is a great fit for our growing game portfolio at SBG. The design, theme, game mechanic and overall aesthetic have been carefully crafted to fit perfectly into the Thargos Gameworld setting, giving a unique feel and atmosphere, far removed from the war that rages there but challenges await the fledgling heroes. We are glad and humbled that Philipp agreed to be part of this opportunity to work together on such a great project.

Philipp Kehl comments: “Ascendia originally was a standalone board game, that I designed with the goal to transport the freedom and excitement of open world RPG videogames to a 90 min traditional board game. When I met Chris at Spiel'21 in Essen, the rules were still a bit rough around the edges, but Chris instantly showed great interest and support for the idea, so it was an easy decision to start a collaboration and adapt the generic setting of the prototype to the fleshed-out world of Thargos. The past months have been an awesome experience - meeting and collaborating with Chris and the rest of his collective. The game has evolved dramatically, and I am convinced that we are in the middle of creating something extraordinary for all fantasy adventure board game enthusiasts!”

Chris Loizou, the CEO of SBG Editions adds: “what an amazing opportunity to further enrich our Thargos IP tabletop game range whilst striving for the same high standards we endeavour to maintain for all our games. Ascendia caught our eye from the first time we saw the prototype for it at Essen Spiele in 2021, and the playtest run-through by Philipp, plus subsequent playtests got us excited about working together. We have since started fine-tuning some of the aspects of the game, adding seasonal mechanics and a more diversified & rich gaming experience plus a whole raft of original thematic art that we can’t wait to share with you”.

Stay tuned to hear more about this in the months ahead. Philipp and Chris.

Note: Art below not final, just a mock-up.

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