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In Kopis you have to defend your strongholds, pushing back the incursions from enemy factions.


You find yourselves in a battle to secure your strongholds and surrounding settlements and thus provide safe havens to grow and thrive.


The Factions have to avoid being too close from enemy strongholds that cause danger and death to those around them, while they will have to develop their own ones, to ensure prosperous and flourishing territories.




Who will be able to build the best stronghold to extend their influence and prosperity?

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Red and Black Edition

Uncoloured Edition


  • 1 board 6x6 grid)

  • 16 Faction tokens (8 per colour: Black and Red)

  • 4 Stronghold tokens (2 Black and 2 Red)

  • 1 'last move' Bastion marker

REDUCED2J9A5260 (1).jpg


  • At the end of the game, the tokens will score as follows:

  • Each token adjacent orthogonally to an enemy stronghold 0 points 

  • Each token adjacent orthogonally to a friendly stronghold 2 points

  • Each token adjacent orthogonally to both a enemy stronghold and friendly stronghold 1 point

  • Each captured opposing faction token 1 point

Basic version Setup:

Place the 4 stronghold tokens in the centre of the grid, as shown.


Arrange the 16 tokens around the grid, 4 on each side, as shown. Make sure that a player has the counters of his faction in front of him and to his left.


Place the last move marker next to the board.

Everything is ready, let's start!

Figure1-downscaled (1).png

Start of the round:

As the first player, you place one of your factions on the grid by moving it according to the orientation shown in the example, sliding one or more tokens already on the grid by a maximum of one square; this last condition is necessary for the move to be considered valid.

At the end of the move the 'last move' marker is placed on the faction just placed, this indicates that the opponent cannot cause that faction to be moved in the next turn as it has taken up a defensive position.

Alternate players as they move their factions until they are all played.

If in placing a new Faction (thus causing the movement of others) a Faction ends up outside the grid it is considered captured and is counted as indicated (see scoring). 

N.B. Enemy & Friendly strongholds cannot be pushed off the grid.

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